Dr. Arthur Copes - Medical Professional with Decades of Experience

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Arthur Copes has worked with and led multiple medical centers, including Scoliosis Treatment and Recovery Systems. Combining the roles of chief executive and chief financial officers, Dr. Arthur Copes oversaw a state-wide program that specialized in surgically correcting scoliosis. During this time, he worked with high school football players to create a pneumatic knee brace and pneumatic shoulder pads.

Since 2012, Dr. Copes has led the Bio Wellness Center, where he oversees the operational and medical divisions. At the center, he has created treatment plans for multiple diseases and conditions, including lower limb diabetic neuropathy and advanced kidney disease. Alongside an associate degree and numerous professional degrees, he has a medical degree from the Yamuni Institute of Healing Arts, where he focused on natural medicine.

Outside of his work at the Bio Wellness Center, Dr. Arthur Copes enjoys refurbishing old Jeeps and remodeling homes. He is also a fan of jet skiing.


Arthur Copes